According to publicly available records for federal purchasing contracts, the Environmental Protection Agency has spent nearly $100 million on office furniture in the last decade.

In grand irony, the agency charged with protecting the environment was revealed to have engaged in lavish furnishings for the department’s multiple office complexes, including elaborate wood-finishings, desks and chairs.

Among the scores of examples, the EPA purchased a drawer to hold pencils for an outlandish $813. Roughly have of that money was spent with high-furniture retailer Herman Miller, known for its modern designs.

Among Herman Miller’s most popular furnishings in the well-known ‘Aeron’ office chair, which retails for $730.

National Taxpayers Union President Peter Sepp remarked of the revelation that the EPA’s ‘elbow print’ — the need for lots of furniture on which EPA bureaucrats can rest their elbows — is large.

The EPA was warned by a non-profit watchdog organization back in 2003 to cut back on its lavish spending on office furniture. That warning apparently has gone unheeded.