There was no disrespect for the American flag at the Washington Redskins game last night.

In a sign of respect for our military and the national anthem, the Washington Redskins left the bench and held the flag during the national anthem. They joined the military personnel who were already holding up the flag.

Not one person was seen kneeling or protesting the national anthem.

A few days ago Redskins head coach Jay Gruden made it clear they would not take part in any protests:

“[We have a] ton of respect for goes on for our country with those people. For three minutes, for us to take our helmet off and stand up and give respect is how we treat it here with the Washington Redskins.”

It was a beautiful display of unity.

The Steelers also joined in on the display of patriotism:

They also had U.S. Army Staff Sergeant sing the anthem: