Donald Trump And John Lewis

Donald Trump caused some controversy with the media last week when he criticized Rep. John Lewis (D-GA). Lewis said he was boycotting the inauguration because he felt that Trump’s election was illegitimate due to Russian interference.

John Lewis is a former freedom rider and worked with Martin Luther King, Jr. Because of this fact the media felt that he was beyond criticism and attacked the president-elect for daring to challenge Lewis.

“The congressman said late last week he didn’t consider Trump a “legitimate president,” blaming Russian interference in the election. Lewis said he would boycott Friday’s inauguration. More than two dozen Democratic members of Congress have said they will sit out the Trump swearing-in ceremony. Among them is Tennessee Rep. Steve Cohen, who said Monday “this president ‘semi-elect’ does not deserve to be president of the United States. He has not exhibited the characteristics or the values that we hold dear.”

“In a post on his Twitter account, Trump had accused Lewis of being “all talk” after the Georgia Democrat said he didn’t think Trump had come to the presidency legitimately. Trump also tweeted that the Southern congressman should pay more attention to his “crime ridden” Atlanta-area district.

“Trump’s comments drew widespread criticism, and have done little to reassure those uneasy about the transition from the Barack Obama, the nation’s first black president, to a president-in-waiting who struggled to connect with many nonwhite voters during the campaign.”

Some media outlets tried to fan the flames of Lewis’ boycott, saying this was the first time he would miss an inaugurations since 1986. They piled on Trump in an attempt to make this a civil rights issue.

Well, just a few minutes ago Donald Trump made it clear he isn’t intimidated. He just blasted out these tweets: