Well, it seems like the State Department “glitch” has struck again.

Remember that time when the State Department under Obama claimed that there was a “glitch” responsible for the deletion of several minutes of evidence from a press briefing. Those precious recording could have incriminated an Obama Administration spokesperson who had admitted to a reporter with Fox News that the administration had been lying about the upcoming Iran deal. We were able to find a state department memo detailing “sensitive evidence of purposeful editing” through a (FOIA) lawsuit.

In recent court filings, the DOJ is again claiming that there was another glitch.

Remember when there was an FOIA lawsuit filed by the ACLJ against the DOJ seeking information about the criticized Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting? Well, the DOJ failed to provide a document with key evidence. The DOJ then alerted the FBI to the scandal when they started receiving calls about the meeting between Lynch and Clinton.

After filing a second lawsuit, documents were released by the FBI showing that the DOJ had lied about the meeting.

Last week in federal court the DOJ again asserted that a “glitch” in its “sophisticated” software prevented it from locating that document.

This has turned into an obvious attempt by the DOJ to distort the truth and hide the facts of the case from the American people.

Americans deserve to know the truth about how the DOJ lied about the meeting between Loretta Lynch and Clinton. Unfortunately, with tactics like these plaguing the deep state in the federal government, we may have to wait a long time before justice is served.