Keith Ellison

Democratic Congressman and DNC Deputy Chairman Keith Ellison floated the idea of impeaching Brett Kavanaugh after he’s confirmed to the Supreme Court if Democrats take control of the Senate. Speaking at a Supreme Court forum in Minneapolis Ellison was asked, “Would the first matter of business to be to the separation of powers, is there any possibility that the legislative branch will remove a Supreme Court justice?”

Ellison first backed away from the suggestion saying, “You’d have to find some evidence of like, corruption, or something like that.”

University of Minnesota Law School professor Jill Hasday jumped in and agreed that it would be inappropriate. But that’s when Ellison backed down a bit and opened up the possibility.

“I will say that there have been lower court judges who have been impeached and honestly there were some things that came out with Justice (Clarence) Thomas that I thought were very concerning to me as far as his impartiality. So I agree with Jill, it’s probably not going to happen, but it could theoretically happen,” he stated.

Last year Ellison also said that Judge Gorsuch was “illegitimate.” “I said the other day that I thought that Neil Gorsuch was an illegitimate justice,” Ellison proclaimed. “I had a great progressive come up to me and say, ‘Oh don’t say that, that’s what they say.’ I said, ‘No, wait a minute. This guy escaped every rule that you’re supposed to go through to become a Supreme Court Justice.’ How is he legit? Do not repeat the other side’s talking point.”