Kim Jong Nam, the half-brother of Kim Jong Un, was publicly assassinated in the most “gruesome” and public way possible earlier this year in order to “horrify the rest of the world” and instill fear among the North Korean dictator’s doubters, reports The New York Post.

Kim Jong Nam was killed in February at the Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Airport by two prostitutes who jumped him in public to smear poison over his face.

A Korea University professor investigating the assassination told GQ on Monday that this assassination plot was all a part of Kim Jong Un’s five-year plot to have complete control over North Korea and was all “part of a master plan.”

“From the moment Jong Nam left Macau, the North Koreans tailed him,” Nam Sung-wook told GQ. “They had a group on his airplane. As soon as he arrived at the airport in Kuala Lumpur, another group followed him. They kept that surveillance up while he slept. Even as Jong Nam entered the terminal, he was shadowed.”

The assassination itself was sloppy work, some reports say, because the two women didn’t even bother to hide their faces and were clearly visible on the CCTV cameras. But Nam said people shouldn’t dismiss this attempt as bad planning on Kim’s part:

“Pyongyang wanted to send a worldwide message by murdering Kim Jong Nam in this gruesome, public way,” Nam said. “Pyongyang wanted to horrify the rest of the world by releasing a chemical weapon at an airport.”

Two women, identified as Siti Aisyah and Doan Thi Huong, are the only two people in custody and are charged in Kim Jong Nam’s death.  They both work as escorts and claim that they didn’t know what they were doing and thought it was a harmless prank for a television show.

They both face the death penalty if are found guilty.

Reports show that Kim Jong Nam was poised to lead North Korea government in exile and was a threat to the current leader’s role since he was older.

It has also been reported by a Japanese magazine Nikkei Asian Review that Kim Jong Un also had his uncle, Jang Song Thaek, executed after uncovering and alleged coup plot coordinated with the Chinese government.

North Korea refuses the assassination attempt claim and says it was a heart attack that killed him.  They accuse the Malaysian government of working with South Korea and other “hostile forces” for the assassination.

Kim Jong Nam was exiled in 2001 when he tried to sneak out of the country to go to Tokyo Disneyland.  He fell out of favor with his father which led to his younger brother Kim Jong Un to take the position as leader of North Korea.

According to GQ there were two other attempt to kill Jong Nam, in 2010 and another in 2012.  The regime eventually cut his funds leaving him begging to his family to not punish him because he and his family had “nowhere to hide.”

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