After doing a botched reporting job in 2004, CBS’s Dan Rather says that he is in the talks to host a show on the Young Turks Network, which is a popular left-wing YouTube channel that proves that Dan Rather is not able to be unbiased in his reporting, reports The Daily Beast.

Dan Rather is a giant in the news world. After spending about four decades reporting at CBS for the “Evening News” and “60 Minutes,” he was eventually let go after a misleading and unverified 2004 report on President George W. Bush’s military service.

After Rather’s excommunication from journalism, he has since garnered millions of followers on Facebook and with his periodic appearances on talk shows or panels talking about current events and politics.

Rather has also not been critical of President Trump and has been vocal about his unhappiness with the administration. He now hosts a weekly SiriusXM radio hour called “Dan Rather’s America,” and he’s a regular with hits on mainstream cable.

Facebook is where Rather garners a lot of his popularity however with over 2 million followers and more on his “News and Guts” page.  He has slowly risen to popularity, somehow without anyone noticing, to be one of the main voices leading the fight against Trump and his proclamation of fake news.

Coupled Rather’s journalistic background and fame with now the liberal producing Young Turks show, and you surely have a recipe for disaster, not to mention biased journalism.

The Young Turks have garnered their success from appealing to young liberals on YouTube with their in-your-face-reporting and willingness to talk about everything from abortion rights to letting illegal immigrants roam free in our country.

They even have a segment called “Aggressive Progressives” which sounds like something ANTIFA supporters would love to support. On the show, they have repeatedly called President Trump a racist and are not afraid to demonize all Republicans as well.

If the two join forces, who knows what kind of havoc they could ensue on news consumers with their biased reporting. This combination of a reporter with years of experience and influence with a group determined to take down conservatives is a death sentence for journalism everywhere.