The media was up in arms this Thanksgiving weekend when Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a photo of a pie that she baked.  Critics claimed that the pie was not really made by her and was a stock photo of a pie.

White House reporter April Ryan replied to the tweet, insinuating that the pie wasn’t made by Sanders, and even real.


Social media users got on Ryan’s bandwagon, and demanded that the pie be shown in different settings.  It was then that the hashtag “piegate” started circulating.

Ryan kept the joke going all through Friday, even encouraging other social media users to post pictures of ridiculous objects, like cars, buildings and pools, and claim that they built these things.

Sanders replied to Ryan’s tweet not only addressing the hashtag “fake pie” but also poking fun at “fake news.”

This didn’t impress Ryan, who still wanted proof of Sanders actually baking the pie.


Sanders concluded the conversation by retweeting David W. Sanders’ tweet about asking Sander’s daughter about “piegate.


Sanders isn’t the first public figure to be questioned on her cooking skills.  “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star Khloe Kardashian posted a photo of three pies that she claimed she baked back in 2015.  It was later revealed that Kardashian in fact did not bake the pies, but bought them from Sweet Lady Jane Bakery.