Rod Rosenstein

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein refused to say on Wednesday in front of the House Judiciary Committee, whether the FBI paid for the infamous Trump dossier, reports The Daily Caller.  He would neither confirm nor deny the FBI’s involvement in the now-disproved dossier that started the whole Russian collusion investigation against President Trump.

Rosenstein, who was grilled by the House Judiciary Committee, suggested that he knew the answer to the question, which was posed by Florida Rep. Ron DeSantis.

“Did the FBI pay for the dossier?” DeSantis asked.

“I’m not in a position to answer that question,” Rosenstein responded.

“Do you know the answer to the question?” the Republican DeSantis followed up.

“I believe I know the answer, but the Intelligence Committee is the appropriate committee…” Rosenstein began.

DeSantis interjected to assert that the Judiciary panel has “every right to the information” about payments for the dossier.

The Russian dossier, which was written by British spy Christopher Steele and commissioned to do so by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee, has been the starting point to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian collusion in the 2016 election.

Congressional Republicans have long been suspicious of the dossier and now that it was discovered who funded, now Republicans are questioning whether the Justice Department and FBI are involved in it as well.

“‘According to some reports published earlier this year, Steele and the FBI struck an informal agreement that he would be paid to continue his investigation into Trump’s ties to Russia. It has been reported that Steele was never paid for his work, though the FBI and DOJ have not publicly disclosed those details,’ reports The Daily Caller.”

CNN had reported earlier this year that Steel was already compensated for some expenses from his work investigating Trump and trying to dig up any dirt he could on the president.

The Deputy Attorney General told the House Judiciary Committee that he saw no good cause to fire Mueller from conducting the investigation, but many Republicans believe the whole investigation is now wrapped up in too many overlapping conflicts of interest.