Conservative contributor and New York Times best-selling author Ann Coulter says Attorney General Jeff Sessions “better be ready to arrest all” members of Congress who are expected to bring illegal aliens as their special guests to President Trump’s State of the Union speech tonight, reports Breitbart.

In an interview with conservative talk radio host Howie Carr, Coulter said Sessions should be gearing up to arrest Washington, D.C. politicians who arrive at Trump’s SOTU address with illegal aliens.

“I’ve also heard they’re planning on inviting illegal aliens. So Jeff Sessions better be ready to arrest all of them for conspiring to commit a crime, which I believe is a felony under federal law in all 50 states, even if the crime itself is not a felony,” said Coulter. “I mean, they had to have meetings, they had to make a phone call. These are people who are in the country illegally and anyone conspiring with them to keep them here illegally, to invite them to a State of the Union address, Jeff Sessions should have them all arrested and I mean the congressmen.”

ABC News reported last week that at least 24 House Democrats will be bringing illegal aliens as their guests tonight to Trump’s SOTU address.

To counter this move, President Trump plans to bring Evelyn Rodriguez who is the mother of a 16-year-old daughter, Kayla Cuevas, who was beaten and stabbed to death with her friend by a member of the MS-13 gang which is comprised of illegal aliens from El Salvador.

“But seriously, Sessions should be looking at all of these governors and mayors for conspiring to commit federal crimes,” Coulter said trying to emphasize her point.

Coulter’s suggestion that politicians who help illegal aliens remain in the United States illegally be charged with crimes is actually being reviewed by Sessions’ Department of Justice (DOJ), according to Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, Breitbart News reported.

The topic of immigration, specifically illegal immigration, is expected to be a hot topic in President Trump’s speech tonight and with each side of the aisle using either DACA recipients or people who have been affected by the actions of illegal aliens as their political prop.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan also suggested this month that pro-sanctuary city lawmakers, who help implement sanctuary city policies that protect and harbor criminal illegal aliens from deportation, should be charged with criminal violations in states like California, which is now a sanctuary state.

“We’ve got to take these sanctuary cities on. We’ve got to take them to court and start charging some of these politicians with crimes,” Homan said in an interview.

You can listen to the whole radio show here.