Dan Helmer, who is running for the Democratic nomination for Virginia’s 10th congressional district just may have released the world’s worst and most awkward campaign ad, writes the Free Beacon.

The video is titled “Helmer Zone” and journalists and just general humans everywhere agree that this is one of the most awful campaign ads seen. And yes, it’s worse than Demon Sheep.

The video shows Helmer walking into a bar wearing a “veteran” t-shirt and spots the 10th District Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-VA) from across the room.  He then proceeds to give an awful rendition of “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to “danger zone” from the classic 1985 scene in Top Gun.

Helmer changes the lyrics to “You never hold town halls anymore with constituents” and “planned parenthood and Obamacare- you voted against.”  Then the whole crowd joins in a karaoke style singing, until the Comstock look-alike leaves the bar.

People on the twitter sphere didn’t miss how awful this video was either:


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BY Isabelle Weeks


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