Representative Alan Lowenthal (D-CA) said at a public speaking event that if his Republican constituents don’t kill the tax reform bill that is currently being pushed through the House, then he is going to “kill them…in the next election,” reports NTK Network.

“We will remember if they don’t help us kill this bill,” Lowenthal said. “They better kill this bill or we’re going to kill them in the next election.”

The representative spoke on Wednesday at a rally of his supporters that was meant to be about opposing the GOP tax reform plan, and instead took a dark turn and sounded like more of a threat than typical political rhetoric.

Lowenthal was specifically talking about four Republicans in California, and how if they don’t help him and other Democrats defeat this tax reform bill, then he would “kill them” in the next election.

Lowenthal argued that many of his constituents in blue states and local tax (SALT) deduction, which the GOP bill would reduce. He wants Democrats and Republicans to fight back on this bill.

House Republicans passed the bill on Thursday and it presents a sweeping tax reform package that if enacted would mean the first major legislative victory of the Trump administration.

President Trump even visited Capitol Hill ahead of the vote to rally support. Speaker, Paul Ryan (R-WI) eaily got the votes needed to pass the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Republicans should be wary when they do pass the tax reform because of crazy Dems like Lowenthal who have stuped to using death threats against their coworkers. You can watch the video of the threat here.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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