Things got a little silly during a congressional hearing with disgraced anti-Trump FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD) made a mockery of the whole thing after asking if Bruce Springsteen was part of a deep state conspiracy.

The whole thing is nuts. Raskin goes off on a bizarre tangent in a shameless effort to showboat.

Here’s his partial statement:

“They say, Mr. Strzok, you’re at the heart of a deep state conspiracy to oppose Donald Trump. To make this claim, they have to ignore the fact that you’re an equal opportunity insulter. You called Bernie Sanders and idiot. Hillary Clinton and Martin O’Malley that you called a freak show. There’s a First Amendment here in America. You can still insult government officials without being thrown into jail or held in contempt of Congress by our side of the aisle. There’s no kings here and we have freedom of speech. The right that is cherished by the people and feared by tyrants. There’s a couple of facts they can’t get around. Number 1, the I.G. Found no bias affecting the official investigation. Number 2, attorney general sessions is a Republican appointed by Donald Trump. Rod Rosenstein is a Republican appointed by Donald Trump. James Comey is a Republican appointed by Donald Trump. Director WRAY is a Republican appointed by Trump and Robert Mueller is a life-long Republican. All I can find are statements that you’ve have been arraigned on today. I want to ask you about the statements. In the spring of 2016, Senator Ted Cruz called Donald Trump a coward, a pathological liar and a serial flanderer. Is this attack on Trump by Senator Cruz a part of a deep state conspiracy that you organized?”

After a bit more showboating he makes the claim about Bruce Springsteen. It’s towards the end of the video.