Senate Minority leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) thinks that Tea Party Republicans are “horrible, disgusting” and “super anti-immigrant hardliners,” reports MRCTV.

Schumer dropped by his favorite news network, MSNBC, to tell them what he thinks tea party Republicans are as some sort of fanatic racist group that hates all kind of immigrants.

MRCTV wants to point out that tea party Republicans are actually just people who want smaller government, personal and economic freedom, and for lawmakers to follow the constitution. It’s really that simple.

Schumer was talking to MSNBC about the recent government shutdown that happened over the weekend and how Democrats and Republicans decided to extend the deadline for the shutdown on Monday to Feb. 8. Democrats won’t accept a government funding bill unless the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program is attached to it.

Since Republicans didn’t agree with the ridiculous demand to attach an immigration reform bill to a budget bill, Schumer wants to automatically label these Republicans as “super anti-immigrant hardliners,” when really what he should have said was that they are super “anti-illegal immigration.”

MRCTV Reports his comments:

“Well, first, the hard right has always opposed immigration,” Schumer said. “Donald Trump ran on an anti-immigration platform, the Tea Party, one of their fundamental values is anti-immigrant, which is horrible, disgusting. But that’s who they are.”

Then Chuck Schumer, or should I say Chuck ‘Ellis Island’ Schumer, pulls out that good old trick which apparently says that he loves any and all immigrants, whether or not they came into the U.S. legally is a moot point for him.

“Let me say this, I am passionate about the Dreamers. My middle name is ‘Ellis, Ellis Island,’ Schumer told the viewing audience.

The Schumer lays it all out on the table, basically saying that if Democrats obtain control of the House or Senate next year, then you can say goodbye to any kind of negotiating between Republicans and Democrats.

“If we become the majority next year, if the House becomes the majority, we will get DREAMers,” Schumer assures everyone.

Schumer basically explains his strategy after midterm elections if the Democrats do get the majority in the House: no negotiations and let all of the illegal immigrants in who want in.