In the latest of entertaining feuds on Twitter, CNN’s Brian Stelter attempted a jab at Fox News for failing to sufficiently chastise over-the-top comment by some guests backfired when NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch weighed in on the matter.

Loesch responded with a reminder to Stelter of the allowing of his guests on CNN to relentlessly attack her with terrible accusations and false statements.

Loesch’s fans replied to this tweet with some fun quips.

At CNN’s infamous town hall after the horrific Parkland shooting, the event organizers set the resolute Loesch up for abuse, packing the crowd with anti-gun activists and emotionally distraught family and community members. One of the Parkland activists told Loesch that gun control activists “will support your children in a way that you will not.” As the event got out of control, Loesch was decried as a “murderer” by some in the increasingly hostile audience.

Loesch attempted to keep the town hall civil, but this was impossible as the crowd remained hostile throughout the entire event, increasing their noise levels as Loesch spoke about the gruesome events that occurred at Parkland.

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BY Mark Graham


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