Sabo and the Unsavory Agents are claiming responsibility for a number of politically-charged street art in response to the increase of violence and harassment by liberals. His latest campaign shows Nazi-style Democratic Party posters that declare “Republicans are forbidden” and asking Democrats to “Resist yourself! Do not buy Republican!”

Sabo said the campaign was inspired when White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant just for working with President Trump. Sabo explained to the Daily Wire his motivations:

“I had no plan to do anything on this subject or at least not until Sarah Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant where her and some family sat down for dinner,” the artist told the Daily Wire. “It seems the Democrat owners don’t welcome the patronage of Republicans.”

The incident struck home for him, said Sabo, as he was recently targeted by businesses for his political views. “This actually sent a chill through me because just recently while visiting Austin Texas me and my party were asked to leave no less than three bars because one of us dared wear a MAGA hat,” he said.

“We were told that our kind weren’t welcomed there. What the hell ‘kind’ is that I wondered. Patriots, Republicans, Americans? It really freaked me out,” he said. One of the saloon’s, he said, “posted an apology on their Facebook page for allowing our party host an event in their bar. Leftists forced them to do that after they made numerous calls to complain.”

“I created these signs to remind people that this has happened before and we should never forget,” he said.

Here are some more pictures:

You can check out more of his work here.