First, Laura Loomer was targeted for social media censorship and then shut down by PayPal. Now she claims her account has been suspended by Chase Bank…because she is an outspoken conservative. Loomer is apparently the latest in a string of such suspensions, which has included the Black leader of the Proud Boys, which the Left has labeled white supremacists, as well as Martina Markota and Joe Biggs. The latter fired back on socials and was given access to his bank account. This trend of weaponizing the financial industry has previously been reserved for the Second Amendment. According to PJ Media, Republicans in the Senate are demanding that Chase make an appearance on Capitol Hill and answer questions regarding the alleged political targeting of their customers.

Here’s more from PJ Media…

It’s hard to imagine how conservatives could be even more complacent than they actually are about what’s being done to this country.

The schools our children are taught in are almost universally run by liberals who hate everything we stand for, but we don’t demand that our representatives pull funding from state schools that behave that way.

Hollywood has become vocally, over-the-top hostile to Christians and conservatives, but we go see the movies anyway.

We still buy the papers and watch the cable news shows of networks that talk about us like we’re Nazis because we don’t agree with their liberal worldview.