Devin Nunes (R-CA)

Representative Devin Nunes says that the FBI had to have known who paid for the Russian dossier before news broke earlier this week about Hillary Clinton and DNC members put money towards the dossier, and Nunes believes the FBI was lying the entire time about what they knew about the funders, reports The Gateway Pundit.

On Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” Nunes, who is the chairman of the House of Intelligence Committee, spoke to Laura Ingraham about the dossier story and why is no one talking about why the FBI kept the information about who actually funded the dossier a secret for so long.

“If people really believe that the FBI did not know who paid for that dossier I’ve got a bridge to sell you. There is no possible way that the FBI did not know who paid for that dossier,” Nunes said.

Ingraham then immediately asks, “So who’s lying at the FBI?”

“We really don’t know,” Nunes continues. “Is it just Comey or is it the whole FBI?”

Ingraham takes notice that the claim that the whole FBI is lying, and even the Director of the FBI at the time, James Comey, was keeping the truth about the possible Russian collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia from the America people is a huge charge.

“Absolutely,” Nunes says. “This is the government out of control.”

Nunes goes on to agree with Ingraham when she says that this is another example of people saying there are forces within the “deep state” that are “working against the people’s interest” and keeping things from the American people.  This is just another problem that is adding on to the issue of transparency in the government.

“It’s not OK for us to ask since March who paid for the dossier? What did you use the dossier for? And it comes out only because of subpoenas to the bank, the bank was going to have to produce the subpoenas that – then they cut a deal,” Nunes says.

The only reason that the public now knows the truth about who actually funded the Russian dossier and therefore making it actually happen, is because these members of the House Intelligence Committee had to subpoena the banks to follow a money trail to the truth.

The FBI didn’t help them, and they certainly didn’t help the American people by telling them the truth about Hillary Clinton and her cooperation with Russian forces.

Nunes continues with saying that even if the FBI didn’t know about who funded the dossier, that would be “equally disturbing” to them not telling the public if they did know.

Ingraham finally asks if Mueller should resign due to potential conflicts of interest since he was the FBI director when this dossier funding would have been happening.

Nunes says that they shouldn’t jump to that conclusion yet and says we should see “where he [Mueller] goes from here.”

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