Sarah Huckabee Sanders had just about enough of CNN’s white house correspondent Jim Acosta in the most recent White House press briefing this week.  Sanders completely shuts down Acosta when she refuses to answer his ridiculous question after having a heated back and forth argument about what is fake news.

First, Acosta tries to slip an insult by Sanders when he says that “journalists make honest mistakes and that doesn’t make them fake news,” and tries to go on to his actual question but Sanders isn’t having any of it.

Sanders cuts off all of the reporters that are continuously trying to talk over her to say that not all journalists own up to those mistakes and instead of doing so end up purposely misleading the American public through the fake stories they report.

Acosta backs down immediately and claims that he didn’t mean to go down that path of questioning.  Sure you didn’t mean to Acosta. Why else would you start off your question with that statement if you weren’t trying to get a rise out of Sanders?

But even though he says it wasn’t his original question he keeps going with it anyways and asks Sanders if she can cite a specific story where the news intentionally put out a false story.

She fires back immediately the ABC story reported by Brian Ross, who had to be suspended because of his miss reporting.

She then tries to move on to another reporter’s question because she has obviously had enough of this back and forth with Acosta since he clearly will not ever listen to Sanders.

But of course, Acosta continues to keep interrupting Sanders to try to ask his original question which has to deal with the three women that have accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct towards them.  Sanders shuts him down yet again saying that he already used up his question with his pointless line of questions about fake news.

Sanders continues to prove her claim over the white house press room and no journalist is ever going to prove her wrong there.