Everyone knows that the CNN White House reporter, Jim Acosta constantly has an attitude when asking questions or just covering the President in general, but now he has actually said in an interview that he purposely has “attitude” when covering Trump and isn’t sorry about it, reports The Western Journal.

Then Acosta goes on to say that he still tries to be “neutral” and “fair” in his White House coverage; “tries” being the key word here.  He might try but rarely does he ever succeed.

The conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt interview Acosta on Tuesday and asked him about the “snarky” November tweet that took aim at President Donald Trump’s golfing habits.

“Sure, it was snarky,” Acosta said of the tweet, before defending himself by arguing that Trump is a “different kind of president” who necessitates “a different kind of playbook” when it comes to media coverage.

“That means at times, you know, I bring a little attitude to what I do on a daily basis,” he added, going on to say that he sometimes took a similar approach when covering the Obama administration.

Acosta also expressed his desire to be “as neutral and as fair and as objective as I possibly can be at all times.”

Hewitt made the point, however, that if Acosta keeps posting snarky tweets like that one directed at Trump, then is it possible for him to come across as “neutral” if he expresses his views like that so much.

“Hugh, honestly, I think that yes, I think the viewer and the listener and the reader of my tweets can make that determination. I don’t think one tweet is something that you can indict a reporter on,” Acosta replied.

Acosta agrees! He knows what he is doing is intrinsically wrong for a reporter to be doing, and yet, he keeps defending himself!

Later, Hewitt wanted to know if Acosta actually thinks he is “neutral, fair and objective” in his coverage of Trump.

“I think I am. I think I am very tough,” The CNN reporter responded.

Acosta keeps going back to the point though that it takes a “different playbook” to cover President Trump. He probably means a playbook that involves lies and inappropriate words on twitter.

Hewitt makes the good counter argument however when he asks, how a reporter can be objective and “snarky” at the same time.

Acosta countered that he has “just as much a voice as anybody else,” while also claiming that CNN’s coverage of the Trump administration has been “fair,” yet “tough.”

Then Acosta says he has no issue with being tough on the president because Trump has been “very tough on us,” ‘us’ being reporters. Which clearly points out Acosta’s vendetta against Trump and his desire to get back at Trump.

Acosta took aim at the president throughout the interview, claiming that he has “intentionally misled the American people.”

At the end of the exchange, which lasted close to 20 minutes, Acosta said he wished the interview could have been more “fair.” Maybe he should take his own advice and try being “fair” on Trump.