David Limbaugh, pointed out an interesting distinction in his recent column in Town Hall, where he talks about the importance of the first amendment and the ability of free speech, but when it comes to the press, new networks and journalists are all made up of individual entities that are subject to flaws that should not be allowed to pass by because of the first amendment.

After many liberal and left-wing news networks like to accuse President Trump of shutting down the first amendment rights and ignoring their ability to freely report the news, Limbaugh said enough with those networks taking advantage of the first amendment.

Limbaugh says that it is of course, important to have a free and active press so it can serve as a watchdog against government excesses and abuses, but we must remember, “that the institution of the press is not itself sacrosanct like the liberties that undergird it. It is made up of individuals and entities subject to the flaws that inhere in all human beings.”

Journalists and news networks are not above criticism and accountability and are not immune to even the criticism by the highest in the land.

“‘One does not have to be a journalist or a member of the media to possess the freedom of expression. Individuals, other entities and even officeholders have just as much a right to hold the press accountable as the press has to hold the government and government officials accountable. Let’s not lose sight of that as we examine this ongoing clash between the media and President Trump,’ Limbaugh said.”

Limbaugh points out that the mainstream liberal press has essentially become an echo chamber for journalists who think they have some unique moral authority and entitles them to condescend and treat people and politicians especially rudely.

You just have to turn to CNN’s Jim Acosta and how he treats White House Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and when he gets the chance, the president himself.

The most recent display of the witch hunt against Trump can be seen in the liberal media’s hilarious attempt at trying to inflate Trump’s physical to being something it’s not. Those journalists kept going at Trump’s physician for about an hour, which is much too long of a questioning after it being said that the president is in excellent health.

It’s not even the press that are taking advantage of the first amendment either. Lawmakers like Sen. Jeff Flake who have compared Trump to Stalin for criticizing the press and calling for tougher libel laws need a serious history lesson if they think Trump’s criticism can be compared to act of killing and taking away anyone’s individual liberty.

When a news network sole purpose and only coverage is about taking down the president and not highlighting anything besides uncorroborated stories about the president, then there is a problem and Trump has every right to defend himself and the truth.

No one in this nation, no matter how big his megaphone or how prestigious her journalistic credentials, is above criticism. So, liberal media, please get over yourselves — and in the meantime, why don’t you try to be a bit fairer, more objective, less biased, truly journalistic and, not least, less rude?” Limbaugh finished perfectly.