Ever since Michael Cohen pleaded guilty and Paul Manafort was found guilty, CNN has practically been soiling themselves with gitty. They believe this is the final straw that will lead to President Trump’s impeachment despite no evidence to indicate such a possibility. But that has not dissuaded them from pushing outlandish claims against Trump. Case in point, CNN’s David Gregory recently claimed that President Trump may be at the head of a spiraling “criminal enterprise.”

While discussing the Cohen case Gregory said, “This is a huge moment, not just because of what’s happened, but because of what could happen. Will [former Trump campaign aide] Paul Manafort ultimately cooperate? What about [former national security adviser] Michael Flynn who’s cooperating with the special counsel? So there are a lot of players now who start to potentially construct an enterprise, a criminal enterprise, that is around or may even involve the president.”

He claimed that these court cases may lead to further evidence of collusion or election interference.

“And we are still not talking about what is the central thrust of the investigation, which is whether there was collusion with the Russians to interfere in the 2016 election,” Gregory went on to say. “That’s what the special prosecutor is after. As the president reminds us, but he should also be reminded that prosecutors tend to bring cases they find in their investigations. That’s what law and order is all about.”

Gregory also believes that impeachment is almost a foregone conclusion, “The very real prospect of impeachment now draws closer. You have a midterm race that is now going to be dominated … with the specter, the cloud of the investigation, but also this cloud of corruption in the Republican Party,” he said happily.

“You know, the president can say it’s a rigged investigation,” Gregory continued. “He can blame the news media. It’s not the news media’s fault that he surrounded himself with these people who got convicted of crimes or have plead guilty to crimes. It’s not our fault. We’re reporting this out.”