Chris Cuomo was in rare form this week when talking with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) about multiple different topics but at one point Cuomo was essentially yelling at Jordan about the recent release of the FISA memo from Republican lawmakers, but Cuomo refused to believe anything Jordan tried to fire back at him, reports Grabien News.

First Cuomo comes out with harsh accusations right out of the gate against Republican lawmakers Rob Porter’s access to classified information that the President was seeing, saying that it was “reckless” to allow Porter who did not have the proper security clearances.

Then they move on to the FISA memo that was released by Republicans last week, Cuomo judges the congressman for judging the FISA court application process because not all of them know exactly what goes into it. To which Jordan asks Cuomo the same thing, and the host admits he never has either.

After Cuomo tried to pin all these wrongdoings on Republicans and how they have handled these memo releases and their claims about the Russian collusion investigation, Jordan decideds to ask Cuomo some questions about CNN’s favorite liberal, former President Obama.

Jordan asks about the situation when Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Loretta Lynch in a secret meeting on the subject of Hillary Clinton’s email investigation on the tarmac at the International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona.

“Do you think it’s normal for the attorney general of the United States to meet with the husband of the subject of the investigation on the tarmac?” asked Jordan.

“No. And it was wrong,” Cuomo admits.

Then Jordan keeps firing at him, “And then the attorney general has to recuse herself, but that recusal is no profile in courage because she already knows they’re not going to press charges. That’s what that says.”

“The dialogue between two lovers is not relevant to me, as suggestive as an entire F.B.I. investigation. Was it wrong for Lynch to meet with Clinton? Absolutely, it was wrong,” Cuomo claims.

“I never talked about that aspect of the Page/Strzok relationship,” says Jordan.

“I know. It doesn’t suit your narrative. If you write them off as lovers who are just bantering about B.S., your story doesn’t stand up so well,” Cuomo says.

But Jordan stands his ground and doesn’t let Cuomo take him down with his double talk, “No, he was deputy director of counterintelligence at the Federal Bureau of Investigation and he was talking about an insurance policy and he altered the Russia investigation.”

Cuomo then tries to keep going to say that Jordan doesn’t know what they meant by an “insurance policy” but one thing Jordan did get out of Cuomo was admitting that what former President Bill Clinton did with the Attorney General at the time is suspicious at the very least and unlawful at the most.

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