Dylan Byers

On Tuesday night, Dylan Byers released an unbelievable tweet.  In the tweet Byers commented on how much “talent” the media and entertainment industries are losing because of the flood of sexual harassment allegations.

The tweet was quickly deleted because of the flood of backlash it got. 

“Beyond the pain/humiliation women have endured (which is of course the paramount issue), it’s worth taking stock of the incredible drain of talent from media/entertainment taking place right now.  Never has so much talent left the industry at once,” reads the tweet.

Responses to the tweet were quick and angry.  CNN Money producer, Abigail Brook, replied to the tweet telling Byers that “we can find suitable replacements.”

Politics Editor for Splinter News replied to Byers in a series of tweets. 

“’So I see Dylan Byers has finally gone fully Dylan Byers … it’s nuts how many talented, unemployed journalists I know while Dylan Byers will always have a six figure [sic] job,’ she slammed. ‘Powerful men using their power to do bad things which other powerful men in turn defend? I am stunned.’”

Byers then sent out another tweet in an attempt to clarify his previous tweet.  

“The criticism of this tweet is totally fair.  I did not mean to defend these people or bemoan their departures.  I just wanted to comment on the ramifications of the departures of these influential people– but I know that the ramifications of what they did are far far greater.”

Byers faced such fierce backlash that someone actually changed a Wikipedia page and wrote that Byers was “an American journalist and proponent of sexual assault if it interferes with his entertainment.”

This comment has since been removed and then reinstated as of Wednesday, November 22.

He later tweeted this out: