CNN’s Angela Rye, speaking with Jake Tapper, recently claimed that the national anthem is “problematic.” This comes in light of President Trump disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House. Many of the players on the Eagles wanted to make a political statement by boycotting the event and embarrassing Trump.

NTK Network has more:

“There is a second verse that Colin Kaepernick brought attention to that has yet to be discussed on broad platforms,” she said.

Rye criticized the president for disinviting the Philadelphia Eagles to the White House, but said we should have a conversation on America’s “problematic” Star-Spangled Banner.

The CNN analyst was referencing Kaepernick’s citation of Francis Scott Key’s original lyrics to the poem, which reference slavery.

In August 2017, Rye also called for America to pull down statues honoring George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

This is the type of banter that is commonplace on the most liberal news network in America.