President Trump and Russia’s Vladimir Putin have a strange relationship. And now, Putin wants to be buddy-buddy and fox everything.

The Russians delivered a proposal to DC that would bring the US and Russia to the same side philosophically and militarily.

“When the Russians submitted this proposal, they were under the impression that Trump would do what he said he would do: make a deal with Putin and normalize relations,” said Stent, who is also director of Eurasian studies at Georgetown University.

“That’s a reflection of the way their own system works,” she said. “If Putin wants something done, the Duma is compliant, the Ministry of Defense is compliant. But in the US, a lot of these things aren’t in the purview of the White House even if you have a president who is inclined.”

But President Trump did not fall for it. Amid the turmoil with Russia, there is no way Trump wants to normalize things.

“In pushing its reset plan, Moscow seemed to underestimate the political blowback the Trump administration would face if it carried out a large-scale rapprochement amid high-profile investigations by the FBI and Congress into allegations of collusion with Russia.

“Putin doesn’t seem to understand that Trump’s powers are not the same as his,” said Steven Pifer, a Russia expert at the Brookings Institution. “The checks and balances, the special prosecutor and congressional investigations have tied Trump’s hands in ways that didn’t occur to Putin.”

President Trump dies not play around. Especially with it comes to Russia. Their sad attempt at normalizing fell on deaf ears.