The iconic childhood cookie brand Oreo now comes with a side of Left wing politics. Over the weekend, its Twitter and Instagram accounts stated that their cookies were especially delivered in intersectional and not-for-sale “Pronoun Packs” to LGBT PrideFest visitors in New York City. Oreo, in fact, no longer suggests sharing your cookies with your friends but to “share your pronouns with pride.” In 2012, the company posted a rainbow-colored crËme Oreo to celebrate LGBT Pride month with the tagline “Made with crËme colors that do not exist.”

Here’s more from The Daily Wire…

Over the weekend, Oreo Cookies decided they would join the intersectional pronoun bandwagon. On Saturday, the official Oreo Twitter and Instagram accounts stated, “We’re excited to announce we’ll be at World Pride 2019 in New York City tomorrow, June 30th! Celebrate with us at PrideFest, or go to our Instagram tomorrow to learn more about what we’re doing and follow along with us.”

On Sunday, Oreo Cookies handed out special edition “Pronoun Packs” to PrideFest visitors, and tweeted, “We’re proud to celebrate inclusivity for all gender identities and expressions.” Oreo Cookies continued that they wanted “everybody to share their pronouns with #Pride today and every day.”