NBC Meet The Press Host Chuck Todd was forced to admit that “President Trump is winning and the Democrats right now are reeling.” With the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, Trump now has the power to put his imprint on American society for a generation with the nomination of a conservative judge to the Supreme Court.

Todd went on to whine about Trump’s popularity and labeled the GOP a ‘cult of personality,’ the type of attack we’ve come to expect from Todd. But at least he was able to admit that yes, Trump is winning.

Here is Todd’s whole statement:

“Good Sunday morning. Happy July. The announced retirement of Supreme Court justice Anthony Kennedy this week helped make one political reality clear, despite his overall unpopularity, President Trump is winning and the Democrats right now are reeling. The Supreme Court, Mr. Trump is about to shape the court for a generation by choosing a possible tie-breaking conservative justice and he’s already filled the lower courts with like-minded conservatives. How about the Republican Party? The president’s approval rating among Republicans is around 90%. Elected Republicans fear criticizing him and the party has become a cult of personality. His. How about the term fake news? Mr. Trump coined that phrase. Into an applause line now to discredit responsible reporting showcasing his misdeeds. How about credibility? If reporters faithfully fact check the president’s serial misstatements they are called biased. If they don’t, the president wins.”