A Conservative Review reporter destroyed Chris Cuomo after Cuomo tried to float the conspiracy that President Trump is attempting to signal followers of QAnon.

“CNN’s Chris Cuomo is getting desperate. Last night the TV host channeled Alex Jones, perhaps in a bid to increase his humiliating ratings, and floated a nutty theory that Trump may be signaling to followers of QAnon. Trump ‘has his people at his rally that look for the number 17 as signs of truth,’ Conspiracy Cuomo said on his show. ‘Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet.’

CNN is literally promoting a full-blown conspiracy here, which is astounding coming from a network who labels their coverage as “facts first.”

QAnon is an anonymous online figure who claims to have a top-level security clearance and pertinent information on the deep state and administration.

Cuomo said, “I hope he didn’t use that number for [QAnon], he hasn’t always used the number 17,” which implies there was some ulterior motive aside from the fact that Mueller’s team has 17 people on it.

Cuomo quoted a Twitter user Q-17 !!!!!!!!! who pointed out to Cuomo that Trump changed from 13 to 17 angry Democrats. “He knew exactly what he was doing when he tweeted out the number … You were right, right on the money,” Q-17 wrote.

Cuomo responded “I can’t believe it. I feel you on the change but that would be some dark arts I don’t think trump uses.”

“Then why would he talk about it on his show? That’s like saying ‘I’m not saying the Earth is flat, but I gotta be honest, the ground seems pretty flat to me and you can’t see past the horizon!’

Chris Cuomo was then destroyed by Conservative Review’s Jon Miller.

He then used his phony non-denial denial as ammunition to accuse me of lying:

“I didn’t lie, Cuomo. I literally showed a video of what you said and I quoted you directly. If that’s a lie, it’s only because you said it.”

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