Charlie Rose

CBS and PBS host Charlie Rose has been suspended after being accused by eight women of sexual harassment.  The host was accused of groping and walking around naked in front of female colleagues and even offered to “spank” co-host Norah O’Donnell.

On April 21, 2016, the show was doing a segment on lemurs playing with each other.  Rose then said, “It’s either that or [the lemur’s] spanking himself.”  O’Donnell then stood up and playfully smacked her own butt, to which Rose responded, “Oh, I’ll do that!”

Whether or not the incident was a clear representation of Rose, CBS and PBS are not taking the accusations lightly.  

“Eight women have told The Washington Post that longtime television host Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances toward them, including lewd phone calls, walking around naked in their presence, or groping their breasts, buttocks or genital areas.

Five described Rose putting his hand on their legs, sometimes their upper thigh, in what they perceived as a test to gauge their reactions. Two said that while they were working for Rose at his residences or were traveling with him on business, he emerged from the shower and walked naked in front of them. One said he groped her buttocks at a staff party.”

Other indicators have been present that Rose does not take the subject of sexual harassment seriously.  On October 19, 2017, Rose was seen taking a picture with Bill Clinton, right after a story on “pervasive sexual harassment.”  

Rose is not the first celebrity to make his way into the news for sexual harassment this week.  Politicians, musicians, and actors are only a few of the categories these men come from.  More notably, Senator Al Franken and Alabama Senate Candidate Judge Roy Moore have both been accused of sexual misconduct in the past month.

(H/T Newsbusters)