Kyle Reyes is the CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing. Reyes had a problem of weaning out snowflakes that were applying to his company. He developed a test as a solution to this problem. Below are some of the questions on this “snowflake test.”

  1. How do you feel about guns?
  2. What does America mean to you?
    1. The Blaze quotes Reyes by saying, “Reyes told “Fox and Friends” that “someone who’s not proud to be an American” is immediately out of the running, as well as those who don’t support the Second Amendment. He told the program that his company does “a lot of work filming with guns. I carry. A lot of our team and clients carry as well. We have very hardcore American companies, and so you’ve gotta be comfortable around them.”
  3. What does privilege mean to you?
    1. “Of the “privilege” question, Reyes said, “I’m looking for people who are not entitled, who don’t have this sense that they should just be handed things … who are willing to work for everything they have.”
  4. How do you feel about police?
    1. “How do you feel about police?” — is asked since Silent Partner works “very, very closely with a lot of police departments and so you need to be comfortable and willing to support the men and women who serve and protect,” Reyes told “Fox and Friends.”

These are just some of the questions on the 30 question test. As expected, he has received a lot of backlash for his test yet people keep submitting applications. Here is an example, from The Blaze, of Reyes shutting down a snowflake that was scolding him for the test:

“I was scolded by a woman on the phone yesterday who told me she wouldn’t take the test and ‘shame’ on me for making people take a test to come work for us,” he wrote in his NewBostonPost piece. “She ‘demanded’ I remove the test or risk losing out on ‘perfect employees’ like herself.”

Reyes’ response?

“Bummer,” he wrote, adding a message back to the jilted job seeker: “Well, snowflake, it’s back to the heaping pile of applications for me.”

One can only dream of an America where all CEO’s do this, maybe it’ll make people realize just how stupid they truly are.