CBS News is in trouble after they attempted to criticize a gun store and gun laws by buying an AR-15 and showing how easy it is to do so.

Producer Paula Reid visited SpecDive to buy the weapon. When asked to fill out forms Reid blatantly lied about her intent to transfer the weapon to a third party.

CBS, during their report, was eager to mention that it only took Reid 38 minutes to buy the weapon. However, they failed to mention that she lied on the forms, and by doing so committed a federal felony.

Kris Van Cleeve, reporter for CBS, said during the segment:

As for the rifle we legally purchased, it was transferred to a federally licensed firearm dealer and weapons instructor in Virginia following state law within hours of us purchasing the weapon.

Maybe if the Feds would follow-up with CBS they would see that it is CBS who should be accountable, not SpecDive and gun dealers in general.