Senator Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) Wednesday interview with CBS This Morning concluded without one question being asked about his intentions to pay for his socialist programs, the Daily Caller reported.

Sanders stuck to the usual talking points, promoting his socialist left-wing agenda.

“The idea of socialism vs. capitalism. Does that conversation need to be more in the present, more in the forefront?” CBS host John Dickerson asked.

“I think media makes a bigger deal of it than it should look. Should every American have healthcare as a right at a time when we spend twice as much per-capita as any other country, have the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs, and 30 million people have no health insurance?” Sanders asked. “Of course we need to move to Medicare-For-All,” Sanders continued.

Sanders continued, speaking about the importance of free education, reducing income inequality and higher standards of living.


“Of course the response from many is: We like the ideas. How do we pay for them?” Bianna Golodryga rhetorically asked before closing the interview, much to Bernie’s amusement.

“This conversation, of course, will continue, but we’ve run out of time,” Golodryga concluded.


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