US investigative bodies have caught a lot of heat lately. The special counsel, Robert Mueller, initiated under deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to investigate President Trump’s ties to Russia has been repeatedly cited as being about as unbiased as a special counsel can be. Almost every attorney appointed to the counsel has some relationship with the Democratic Party.

It has now been revealed that a member of the FBI’s general counsel, James Baker, is under investigation for leaking classified material to the public.

This comes ahead of Attorney General Jeff Sessions announcement regarding the fighting of leaks within the administration. All senior officials at the Department of Justice or the FBI have refused to admit whether there is truly an investigation into Baker.

However, officials close to the probe have admitted that Baker is part of the large government-wide spread by the Department of Justice to help stem the flow of leaks. In fact, according to those same sources Baker is the top suspect in the government-wide probe.

Baker is also a close confidant to ousted former FBI Director James Comey. So it stands to reason that he may be leaking information as a way to get back at President Trump for Comey’s dismissal.

Finally the administration is getting its gears in motion when it comes to stopping leaks. President Trump has been hounding on this issue his entire presidency, newly hired White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has expressed his desire to stop leaks, and now Attorney General Sessions is on board as well.

This will hopefully bring an end to the leaks that so far have left the administration scrambling.