Seattle mayor Ed Murray is in some deep hot water and is being asked to resign just months before his term ended.

Mayor Murray was alleged to have sexually abused multiple children before he became the mayor and now those allegations have finally been made public.

Murray continued to deny the allegations but an alleged victim, Lloyd Anderson, spoke publicly about it.

“Ed Murray had offered me money in exchange for oral sex. I obliged. I think that’s the hardest thing — to sit here and say right now, because I did.”

I think I was 15 and we just let it go. We just never talked about it again.” Anderson said that when he was 17, he saw Murray in downtown Portland, where Murray invited him to his apartment, giving him drug money to perform oral sex.

Anderson continued, “I was having a hard time. I was having a rough time and, I’m sorry, but Mr. Murray took advantage of that situation and yeah.”

Anderson was not the only one who alleged that Murray was inappropriate with them. Jeff Simpson was best friends with Anderson and has accused Murray of abusing him and reported it to police back in 1984.

“When I was 13, it wasn’t just molesting; he raped me. But it’s something that for a while was happening daily.”

Anderson thinks Murray needs to step down right away.

“First of all, I believe in forgiveness and I do forgive you. But I also feel it’s time for you to take accountability for your actions and taking that accountability as far as I’m concerned, you should step down and just go, just go.”

If he’s guilty, hopefully they lock him up and throw away the key.