Carter Page, the former foreign policy adviser to the Trump campaign, said on Tuesday that he has never spoken with President Trump in any way, including email or text, so any surveillance that was done on him is an abuse of power, reports The Washington Times.

“What I’ve seen thus far is just complete ridiculousness,” Page said on ABC News.

Page clarified that he had never had any interaction with Trump prior to any of the surveillance information coming out, and has not spoken with him at all during this process.

Republicans released a memo Friday, drafted by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, California Republican, regarding the use of an unverified dossier to gather surveillance warrants on some members of Trump’s campaign team, including Page.

Democrats say this allegation is based on cherry-picked information from the source documents, and their memo will provide clarification.

When asked about his background, including allegations he gave documents to a person suspected of espionage, Page said the reports are embellished, or false.

“I was teaching a course down Broadway here at NYU and I told them a couple of things about what I was talking about in my course and I gave them notes, or documents, that I gave my students,” Page explained of his exchange with this person.

Page claims that these reports about his background as a consultant working with foreign clients have also been exaggerated.

Trump has also made the similar claim that he and Page have never actually spoken words to each other and that he was a low-level staffer on his campaign so there was no reason to have met with him.

During that ABC interview, Page was defending himself after attack and attack over what he has said about being an ‘advisor’ to the Kremlin and how what he has said has been spun by the liberal media to make him out to be an agent for the Russian government which is simply untrue.

Page also said that he hopes the Democratic memo is released soon because he wants to see all of the documents Democrats claim they have regarding the dubious Trump dossier that is filled with lies about the president and interactions with the Russian government.