Fresh on the heels of a downturn in recent polls and renewed skepticism about foreign policy prowess, Dr. Ben Carson is taking a bold move to shore up his bonafides.

With just over 60 days until the Iowa Caucuses, Carson announced a surprise decision to visit the Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

Packed with more than 100,000 refugees, the Zaatari refugee camp located is just eight miles inside the Jordanian border with Syria.

Carson detailed the reason for his visit as an opportunity to see investigate the refugee crisis up close and personal in hopes of crafting a better solution.

He explained, “I want to get a really good impression of what’s going on over there with these refugees…Also, I want to get a better impression of why Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, why are they so resistant to integrating Syrians into their populations?”

Carson slammed President Obama’s Thanksgiving Day proclamation in which he likened refugees to the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, “If they were Pilgrims, they should be Pilgrims over there, not Pilgrims over here.”

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