After his low-vote results in the March 1 Super Tuesday primaries, Ben Carson suspended his campaign explaining that he “sees no political path” forward to the nomination.

But what followed was speculation as to whom he might endorse, if anyone at all, given that his haul of votes was routinely in the high single digits.

With many of the primary contests since then being decided between the top two vote-getters with a single-digit margin, Carson’s base of supporters could make the difference if given a reason to pull for a particular candidate.

And that might be the best explanation for Trump’s having lobbied Carson for his public endorsement ahead of the Florida and Ohio primaries where he hopes to win a one-two punch in knocking both Kasich and Rubio out of the race.

The more obvious question is why Carson chose Trump over a more ideological match in Ted Cruz, and the speculation surrounding an ongoing vendetta after the Iowa Caucus debacle is likely the answer.

Despite a dismal showing in virtually every primary, Carson hinted after Iowa that he would remain in the race for as long as possible out of spite for Cruz’s staff having very publicly suggested to voters that Carson would drop out after Iowa.

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