The Justice Department announced charges Friday against 19 noncitizens who they say illegally voted in the 2016 election, which highlights one of President Trump’s critical issues with the U.S. election system, the Washington Times reported.

“Among those accused of voting are illegal immigrants and legal residents alike — though none of them were citizens and therefore weren’t allowed to register to vote or cast ballots.

“While far from the millions of votes Mr. Trump has said were illegally cast in 2016, the 19 indictments by a grand jury in North Carolina do highlight a problem that Democrats say doesn’t exist in any significant measure.”

Those charged include four Mexicans, two from Haiti, two from the Dominican Republic and one each from Italy, Grenada, Korea, Guyana, Germany, Poland, Japan, El Salvador, Panama, Nigeria and the Philippines.

“In the case of the Dominican man, he was ordered deported from the U.S. in the 1980s, but obtained a false identity and continued to live here, winning citizenship in the 1990s under his bogus persona, the government charged. He then registered to vote and cast ballots under the false ID.”

Logan Churchwell, the spokesman for the Public Interest Legal Foundation, called the indictments “a critical step in confronting real foreign influences in our elections.”

“Across the nation, noncitizens are gaining unlawful entry into our voting systems, often by bureaucratic invitation,” he said. “Our voter registration systems must confirm citizenship eligibility — otherwise more votes will be stolen by foreign nationals.”

Churchwell’s organization has spearheaded work on noncitizens registering and, in many cases, casting ballots in elections.

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