According to a New York Times report, Jeb Bush’s estimated $37 million wealth, which he amassed since leaving the governor’s mansion in Florida, was earned from companies he helped in Florida.

The details of the money trail are expected to be spelled out in a forth-coming e-book by Peter Schweizer entitled Bush Bucks.

In it, Schweizer paints the picture of a privileged hypocrite who publicly criticizes crony capitalism and inside dealings in the federal government but who privately peddles his influence and connections with corporate pals.

The report reveals that a “sizeable chunk” of Bush’s wealth came from three companies — Lehman Brother, Tenet and Rayonier Inc — all of which had dealings with the state of Florida during Bush’s tenure.

Shortly after leaving office, Tenet paid him more than $2 million in stocks and salary as a member of their board.

A year later, Bush was paid a similar sum by Lehman Brothers to sit on their board shortly before the firm went bankrupt amid the housing crisis in 2008.

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