A man who survived the horrible Las Vegas shooting that killed as many as 59 people, said that he went in to that concert an agnostic but came out of it believing in God, reports Newsbusters.

On Monday in all the chaos of the aftermath of the shooting, CNN interviewed 21-year old Taylor Benge who was in the audience for the Route 91 Country music festival. Over 500 people were injured during that night, but Benge seemed to escape with not a scratch on him, except for the damage that was done to his psyche.

Benge told CNN that the events that took place that night turned him into a “firm believer in God.”

Benge went on to describe to John Berman the scene of what he saw:

“It almost sounded like a firework or one of those things you pull the strings for,” Benge said of the gunfire. “And a man not even five feet away from me, I don’t want to go into detail, but I don’t think he was with us much longer after that because of a bullet wound to the head. But as soon as I saw that, then I knew something was wrong.”

He was at the concert with his sister and when they heard to shots, they started running away from the noises.

Still, he admitted, “no matter which direction you went in, no matter where you took cover, there were at least two or three bodies that were part of it and you didn’t know where you were safe.”

At one point he said, his sister “being as noble as she is,” “threw herself on top” of her brother and told him repeatedly, “I love you, Taylor, I love you.”

“I’ll never forget that,” he concluded.

Benge couldn’t believe that his sister and him got out of their alive, and because of that, he says his faith in God has been renewed.

“You just gotta to take it to God at that point and, you know, hope that you can make it and hope that you’re safe,” Benge continued. “And I know I can’t speak for everyone but for me, I’m just, you know, I was agnostic going into that concert and I’m a firm believer in God now because there’s no way that, you know, all that happened and that I made it and I was blessed enough to still be here alive talking to you today.”

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