In Nogales, Arizona this may be a first for immigration. Smugglers were trying to sneak a 37-year-old Mexican woman into the country. The smugglers got her into America, but she didn’t set foot until later. They left her dangling there from a rope. The Nogales Fire Department had to be called in.

Fox 6 Now has a little bit of explanation on the subject:

“Agents patrolling the border east of Nogales witnessed two smugglers attempting to lower the woman into the United States from Mexico using a harness and hoist rope,” CBP said in a news release. “When agents approached, the woman attempted to climb back over the fence into Mexico but the smugglers left her hanging.”

This woman could’ve seriously been hurt. The dangerous, illegal immigration to the U.S. needs to stop immediately. We need more secure borders to keep the that aren’t supposed to be here, out.