The Body Language Experts at Bombard’s Body Language recently analyzed the Megyn Kelly interview with Vladimir Putin. There were a number of tense exchanges as Kelly was getting berated. Most of the analysis of her talks with the Russian president said that she flubbed her opportunity:

“Her lead-off piece was about the second most famous leader on the planet, Vladmir Putin. For her, the results were mixed. For Putin, the result was a slam dunk.

“In a wide-ranging interview that led Kelly’s inaugural broadcast, Putin spoke at length and unchallenged — and even appeared to have mastered a skill that American pundits spend years developing, the “pull-out quote,” AKA the memorable soundbite.

“Not once did Kelly interject, not once did she tell him that what he was saying was a load of nonsense.

“Bottom line: Rough launch for Megyn Kelly, but score one for Vladimir Putin, and his horn-print.”

The body language expert noted that Megyn Kelly did not appear very confident and had a hard time keeping her composure when President Putin hit back at some of her questions.

She pointed out that Megyn Kelly lost total control of the interview and her stillness is indicative of how uncomfortable she became after it was clear Putin was taking her for a ride.

When Putin gets going he can be seen as confident and making fun of Kelly. And Kelly doesn’t hit back and is visibly uncomfortable. The expert calls her performance a projection of “false strength.” At one point Kelly’s hands can be seen shaking.

The expert also noted that, “This woman is stupid. She just can’t get off of it. I think all the chemicals in her hair has gone into her brain.”

The crowd can be seen laughing hysterically throughout the entire interview at Putin’s constant mocking of Kelly. She never pushed back.

All in all, a really rocky start for Megyn Kelly’s new gig.

Watch the whole analysis in the video above, it’s quite a great video.