Hey what else is new, I guess Black Lives Matter has no respect to cops? WHAT? When did this start happening?

An employee at Dunkin Donuts in New York City denied police officers service. According to Fox News, the employee said “I don’t serve cops.” This is seriously ridiculous. Do police officers go around denying service to BLM activists? NO!

We should be sick and tired of this hatred towards the members of law enforcement. Also according to Fox News this is what is going to happen in response:

“In reaction to the incident, Palladino is calling for a boycott of the chain.

“I assume it is an isolated incident. Nevertheless, Dunkin’ Donuts corporate should issue an apology to the NYPD and until that happens, I have asked detectives and their families to refrain from patronizing the stores,” he said.

He also believes the city’s political leaders are partly to blame for the incident, saying that they have “encouraged this type of behavior by constantly demonizing cops and pushing their decriminalization agenda. It’s time for the same politicians to step up, take some responsibility and condemn what occurred.”

There is a very valid point in there, made about the leaders. *Cough* de Blasio *Cough*. De Blasio is an activist that hates the president and leaves New York when officers are killed. He also openly speaks about his hatred for Trump and the country, including police officers. This makes him no different from other activists except he has one trait they don’t have. De Blasio is the mayor of NYC!

We need to put an end to this heinous disrespect and stand up for those who took the vow to protect and serve.