The leader of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement just embarrassed himself after he said Hollywood was making racially coded messages. The leader, Deray McKesson, is known for wearing a blue vest. He was upset that the ‘Bad Ape’ wears a blue vest.

Here is a picture of McKesson in the vest he always wears on TV:

Also, a popular toy company, Pops, recently made a toy of ‘Bad Ape,’ and McKesson saw this as a direct reference to him:

Then another race-baiter, Tariq Nasheed, jumped on the bandwagon:

McKesson and Nasheed lashed out at Hollywood, accusing them of portraying black people as apes.

Unfortunately for them, the blue vest wearing BAD APE is from the original Planet of the Apes, which was released in 1968. So unless McKesson was wearing his blue vest in the 60’s, this isn’t about him.

After Twitter users quickly pointed out their nonsensical rant, McKesson deleted his posts. But the Internet never forgets and their stupidity will live on.

McKesson has made it clear that he just wants to create racial division and chaos by making it look like everyone else is attacking him. We should become united as a country instead of trying to divide everyone. We all have equal rights no matter under the Constitution, and one group does not deserve more rights than the other. The people of this great country need to wake up and come together as one before the country is torn apart.