During a CNN interview this week, Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I – VT) stated no “sane human being” does not believe that the Sanders campaign wasn’t taking on the Democratic party with their support for Hillary Clinton.

Anderson Cooper questioned Senator Sanders about former DNC chairwoman Donna Brazile’s claim that there had been an agreement between the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s campaign which helped to rig the primaries in Clinton’s favor.

Sanders praised Brazile for her courage and “truth, as she saw it when she came into the leadership at the DNC.” Sanders didn’t get into specifics of whether or not he felt the primaries were rigged, but gave a strong opinion that he felt his campaign was taking on the DNC.

Sanders stated to Anderson Cooper, “I don’t think there’s any sane human being who doesn’t believe that my campaign was taking on the entire establishment, including the DNC.”

Sanders is moving on from the situation and is again focusing on his attacks on President Trump. But there is no doubt that the Democratic Party rigged the primaries to favor Hillary Clinton. The DNC was in such terrible shape that they were forced to take a deal from the Clinton campaign that would fund the party. Hillary Clinton took advantage of the situation and showed just how the game was stacked against Bernie Sanders.

Many other political operatives, not just Donna Brazile, noted how lackluster the Clinton campaign was in comparison to Sanders campaign. If everything had been equal then Sanders probably would have been the nominee.