Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) talked to “Face the Nation” a few days before the president’s State of the Union address where he typically criticised the president over his policy but also shared that he isn’t too excited that Americans are now receiving bonuses thanks to the tax cuts recently passed, reports Grabien News.

The senator starts the interview talking about some of his favorite subjects, like allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the country without any repercussions and his hatred of harder border security like a wall.

The host, Nancy Cordes, then moves on to note that since the GOP tax reform that happened last year, the tax cuts have been gaining in popularity since more business are hiring or offering bonuses to their employees.

She straightly asks him if he is “happy that these people have more money in their pockets?”

To which Sanders just stares dumbly into the camera and asks, “are we having a technical issue here?”

Cordes asks if he can hear her, to which Sanders doesn’t respond, so she cuts quickly to a commercial break while they try to solve the issue. This may all be a coincidence or it could be Sanders way of buying time to think of a way to answer the question so he doesn’t look like a complete idiot.

After they get back from the break though, Sanders can hear again and he responds that “sure, everyone should be pleased whenever a worker gets a raise, but what we should also understand, is that tax proposal will add $1.4 trillion to the deficit and at the end of 10 years, 84 percent of the tax benefits will go to the top one percent.”

There is Sanders on his usual communist grind and spouting lies about Trump and his administration whenever he can.

It would be interesting to know if Sanders made up the technical glitch or not, but what we do know is that Sanders hates it when hardworking Americans get the money they deserve and would like to see the recent tax cuts reversed if he was president.