In May, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson simplified poverty to a state of mind.

And he is sticking to his guns.

He recently clarified his initial statement.

“I’m not saying that everybody who’s in poverty has a bad state of mind…What I’m saying is when you develop the right kind of thinking — you approach things differently. Attitude helps tremendously.”

Carson’s department is looking at at $6 billion cut, but he isn’t too worried.

“That’s the way we break these cycles [of poverty], we don’t just keep throwing money at it,” Carson said.

We have to look at a new paradigm” which relies more on “public-private partnerships. We’ve always been compassionate people, and we’ve taken care of the people around us, and we need to continue to do that.”

This image says it all. Props to Carson for seeing a vision for future Americans. Something the left has no idea about.

(H/T Federalist Papers)