Defying political odds despite repeated predictions of failure, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson remains in a solid second place spot in the polling averages after two hard fought GOP debates.

And though those polls continue to be fluid with much movement in the middle lower tiers, Carson’s support among the GOP faithful is showing now signs of flagging.

According to his campaign this week, Ben Carson has raised more than $20 million in the last 90 days, which brings the total haul by the campaign to $31 million.

Carson beamed to the Associated Press that the pundits and chattering class never thought he be able to sustain a national campaign.

To-date the Carson campaign has garnered more than 600,000 individual donations, a number outpaced only by Democrat Bernie Sanders.

Team Carson indicated that the campaign will begin securing TV advertising spots in the early primaries in anticipation of a major push at the end of the year to secure Carson’s position in the field.

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