The liberal news network MSNBC’s, Hallie Jackson depicted the coming home moment for three Americans who have been imprisoned by North Korea as a basic public relations stunt for the president and degraded those courageous men as being nothing more than props for the president during a “reality TV” moment, reports News Busters. 

Jackson’s presentation fit the bitter tone at MSNBC’s Morning Joe Thursday, as described in a separate NewsBusters post by Bill D’Agostino. His post, and what follows in this one, support a belief that no positive news involving Trump can be broadcast on the peacock network without raising negative points, no matter how artificial.

The negativity Jackson tried to create out of a positive event came off as more contrived and “choreographed” than the alleged horror she described.

So an “unexpected” thing occurred when Trump came over and took questions. Maybe it wasn’t all as “choreographed” as Jackson claimed.

Chronicling examples of genuinely cynical political choreography — Trump’s greeting of released hostages certainly doesn’t fit into that category — would fill a library. The size of that library would barely shrink if one excluded instances where the press commented on or criticized it.

It’s also worth noting that the press never made an issue of how President Barack Obama rarely spoke without the assistance of a teleprompter — a form of choreography previous presidents and Trump used and have used, respectively, with far less frequency.

Additionally, there are plenty of instances of political choreography which have involved active press participation — from planted debate questions, to preventing opposing views from appearing at supposedly wide-open forums, to using visual tricks to exaggerate the perceived size of demonstrations and protests relating to causes they support (while using those same tricks to downplay those they don’t).

And of course, the press “choreographs” its print and broadcast output through a process known as editing — and if done honestly, there’s nothing wrong with that. In other words, “choreography” as Jackson used the term is part of modern media life. The NBC reporter came off as complaining that someone her network doesn’t like appears to have done it well.

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BY Isabelle Weeks


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